Painting Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding was first introduced in the United States of America in the mid of the last century as a replacement of wood clapboard siding. It became a hit because of its low maintenance cost and easy availability. There are lots of benefits of using this aluminum siding like it is lightweight, easy to install and most importantly the paint finish reduces the maintenance costs also.

In the 1970’s, it became very popular due to the rise in the price of manufacturing costs. One can find that generationfrom1940 to 1970 used aluminum siding as the interior of their houses.

Low maintenance doesn’t imply No-maintenance

It is a common notion amongst all of us that aluminum siding doesn’t need any kind of maintenance. So, one needs to be very much careful about the maintenance of aluminum siding. The coating that is baked on the surface to add cheap latex paintings fades and chalks like crazy. So, Painting Aluminum Siding is an option to get rid of those things. And the important thing is that if it is properly painted then the paint sticks very well to aluminum siding. And painting is more welcome than replacing the siding of a wall.

Painting Aluminum SidingThe process

Before painting aluminum siding, some important aspects need to be considered. One needs to do a lot of preparations before Painting Aluminum Siding.

Clean– Firstly, one need to remove chalking from the surface so that new coating can properly be done. One can check for a chalky surface by simply rubbing their hands on the surface. And if he or she found that their hand is full of paintings, then one need to remove the chalk before the paint.

However, this can be done by using some cleaning products of aluminum siding that can be got from any home improvement stores. Aluminum siding cleaning products come with a scrub brush, a sponge and some elbow grease. These products are specially made to remove chalk from the siding clapboards.

However, if the aluminum siding cleaner is not available, then one can always purchase some TSP or trisodium phosphate from any home or hardware centre. First of all, one needs to mix small amounts of TSP with a gallon of water. The right ratio of the mix is a cup per gallon of water. If the mildew on the surface of the siding adds a cup of chlorine bleach with the mixture, then removing job will be a very easy one to do.

•    Tips: one can speed up the cleaning process by renting a washer from any rental shop. Pressure washers are mostly coming with either chemical injector siphon hose that can dip into the cleaner bucket during the washing of house or reservoir.

After the washing the siding with the aluminum cleaner, it is advisable to use any chemical solutions to remove the chemical residue.

•    Dry: After all the washing, let the aluminum siding dry. The aluminum siding will be absolutely dry and will be without any kind of moisture in it.

•    Scrap: If the paint of the siding is already baked on then one need not worry about the paint. But if the coating is not an original coating, then one need to make sure to scrape any loose areas and feather the edges with some fine sandpaper. Then clean the dust and make it dry.

•    Painting: Apply the finish coatings to the aluminum siding. High quality paints will apply directly over aluminum siding without any primer. But one needs to make sure about a fact that it is according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. And after all apply a couple of coats of colors based on the two methods.

Benefits of aluminum siding:

•    It improves the value of the house.

•    It helps to restore faded siding with new factory appearances.

•    It protects the siding from the elements of coating technology.

Always remember one thing, applying paint to aluminum siding improves the durability of the wood. So, if the home is faded or fading then paginating aluminum siding is the best options to bring back the new look into it. However, to do that, one doesn’t need an equipped person; basic knowledge of painting can be helpful to do the job.